artist // holly farrell

29 Jun 2010

thanks to frankie magazine i discovered holly farrell. these images are her paintings. yes. paintings.


  1. my goodness, i thought these were photographs! i'm a new fan. :)

    which issue of Frankie do you have? i have issue #34 and have been stalking Barnes 'n Noble for Issue #35. :( hmm...

    anyway, thanks for sharing Ms. Farrell's work!

  2. holly farrell was in issue #34! she was either featured in the first few pages where you get bombarded with so much cute stuff and website links, or she was one of the artists listed in the credits... i can't remember.

    i love sitting at my computer with the magazine open to the front pages, plugging in new websites! i want some of those temporary monster hand tattoos too. and the iphone bamboo case. oh dear, see what i mean? so much cute stuff!

  3. frankie also does international subscriptions, but it might be cheaper for you to buy them separately?


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