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5 Jun 2010

i did a bit of splurging at ASOS after i finished uni (forever!) a week ago and ASOS shipping times to australia are pretty good, so i'm expecting it to arrive sometime this week. i'm one of those people who buys multiple colours of an item when i like it... so i got the scarf in black too (c'mon, it was only £4!). i start a new temp marketing job on monday so it'll be nice to have some new things to wear to work. i haven't worked in an office for a while so i'll have to get creative with my work wardrobe again.

dot your dots circles from pugly pixel.


  1. oh i love that scarf - i too like to buy multiples when I find a winner, which may be why my bag came bag a little heavier from the USA after a had a little visit to urban outfitters.
    and that bride totally does look like me - love it! if only one day i have a wedding or even a party as cute as that. oh and i will hopefully be posting some holiday stuff today, i took wayyyyyy too many photos!
    hope you are well miss xx

  2. i'm very well! coming to visit in july - i can't wait.
    i'll have to check it out when i get there in october then!
    yeah, it really freaked me out when i saw the photo but i figured i would have heard if you were getting married... in america, haha.


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