food // red velvet cupcakes

8 Jul 2010

taken by jess (island of dr gateau)

like the rest of the world, i'm in love with red velvet cupcakes. the two photos taken by jess were the first batch we ever made (and it was together! we had a baking day) and ever since we've been making them pretty regularly, but they'll never taste as good as that first batch. i tell people how easy they are to make and give them the recipe, but no one ever seems to make them. i feel like i need to find another "go to" recipe now, because as much as i hate to admit it, i'm starting to get sick of making them. time for bigger and better baked goods!

taken by jess

this was me getting fancy with cupcakes last christmas

taken on a nikon slr with film


  1. wow wow wow! that first photo is soooo delicious!

  2. it is isn't it? i'm just bummed i didn't take the actual photo myself! (i took the bite out of it, hee!)


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