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13 Jul 2010

one of my favourite bands is phoenix. their music never fails to make me feel light and happy! the french boys have been staples in my music collection for 6 or 7 years now and i've seen them live 3 times. the first time was at v festival in 2007 and the day was so dreary as it had been raining on and off. the one time the sun decided to shine was during phoenix's set when thomas sang consolation prizes. happiest festival moment!

the second time i saw them in melbourne was also fantastic because it was the first time i saw them play their own gig with sam (fellow phoenix nut, photographer and all-round creative entrepreneur) and our friends N and S. there's something special about seeing a band for the first time in an enclosed venue. festival sets never feel quite as intimate. i felt the same way when i saw bloc party for the first time at festival hall. they're such a great festival band, but i loved them just as much indoors!

anyway, one of the many blogs i follow in google reader (thank you internet gods for google reader!) is phoenix's diary. not only do the boys create wonderful boppy music... they take some pretty darn good photos too. they know about composition!


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