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5 Jul 2010

i saw this new lomo camera this morning and got goosebumps because i got so excited. it's the spinner 360 and it takes full 360 degree panoramic photos on regular 35mm film. they're AUD$235.00 including shipping and i want one so badly it hurts! i'm just imagining the shots i could get on my next trip to melbourne (standing in a graffiti-ed alleyway or in bourke st mall) and overseas in america (with the statue of liberty in the background, or in times square) and, of course, in europe (in front of the eiffel tower or the louvre). okay, so i just listed a bunch of cliched things to take photos of, but have you ever thought about them in 360 degree panorama?!

i was watching the darwin deetz clip for radar detector and was even thinking about copying him and trying to string a bunch of disposable cameras together to take full panoramic photos so i think this camera would be a much cheaper option! (fast forward to the middle of the clip to see his home made panoramic camera.)


  1. wow that spinner is killer!
    i love deez and that vid as well!

  2. i'm still tossing up whether i should or not... i'm going to melbourne in a few weeks and i'd love it in time for my trip, but i'm not sure if i want to part with the money... eeep!

    i still think a lot of his songs sound the same, but i love love radar detector!


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