memories from high school

27 Sep 2010

2008.11.12 - The letter

i'm moving overseas next month and starting to clear out my bedroom. i decided to start in my wardrobe at my gift bags full of old birthday cards. dad congratulated me on reaching the "age of consent" when i turned 16 (still not sure how i feel about that) and found a bunch of letters from my guy friends in high school. i asked them all to give me a letter for my birthday. the results were interesting. the more they wrote, the "deeper" they got, but mostly it was rambling about how they had no idea what to write. maybe it was my teenage misguided way of trying to get them to open up. i think i've given up now. they'll open up if they want to open up! and if they're a musician... maybe ask them to put it in a song.


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