music // angus & julia stone @ royal festival hall, london

17 Dec 2010

i saw angus & julia stone last week at london's royal festival hall. they're one of my favourite favourite bands to see live and gave me goosebumps and tears again! we were surrounded by aussies and it felt like a little bit of home was in london.

i wondered why this video of my had almost 3000 views and then realised it was because angus & julia had posted it on their facebook wall. explains a lot!


  1. Hey! Rhe saw them while they were there as well... but at Bristol I think. I personally think they're just a pair of damn hippies :-P BUT that's awesome that they posted your vid on their wall!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's not them who post, but you never know! They're definitely hippies but I love their music all the same.


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