meet me at mikes // best competition ever

24 Mar 2011

I realise my Mr Darcy love can be a little extreme, but this really is one of the best competitions I've ever seen. Although, really, come on ladies, who doesn't love Fitzwilliam Darcy aka Colin Firth 15 years ago minus botox.

Check out the rest of Pip's blog too - Meet Me At Mike's.


  1. I find it so depressing that the first answer was basically "Lizzie, of course". What a marvellous lack of creativity or humour! Like the people who either think the captions in We Are Scientists's Nice Guys video are a mistake or people who think Megan Amram is actually trying to get on Glee with her video.

    Those sorts of dullards need to be herded up and put on their own special island.

    But Darcy-related competitions are certainly awesome! Haven't looked at more than that first 5 answers but hopefully there are some interesting ones (e.g. Bingley shirtless riding a pony).


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