bieber denial

2 Jun 2011

my household consists of three ladies in our 20-somethings and after a short period of denial, we've finally had to admit that, yes, we are justin bieber fans. it all started for me after the kids on glee covered biebs. i thought puck's fake fringe and hoodie was hilarious. i got the music from the episode on my ipod and then it was just a slippery slope to downloading a JB album.

one of my housemates denied we're a bieber household and then her friend asked, "um, didn't you take a chunk out of your toe running up an escalator because you were sharing headphones listening to justin bieber?" "... damn."

also, to the haters, leave poor biebs and selena alone. they're just a young couple and they're probably in their first big relationship. and look how adorable they are!


  1. aaaahhahaha yes! that glee episode was hilarioussss :D i loved it so much!!

  2. me too! it's not like i love glee so much i'm flying to dublin to see the live tour because i'll be at glastonbury when they're in london, oh nooo. ;)

    glee makes me love artists i wouldn't love otherwise - biebs and that ridiculous "friday" song!


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