favourite couple // andrew & emma

23 Nov 2011

So I have been known to fall in love with couples. I'm in love with some of my friends who are couples and I'm going to be back home next year in time to be at the wedding of one of those special couples! Anyway, my latest couple to love are the beyond fabulous and amazing and adorable and everything good Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I've had a big crush on AG for the last year and a big girl crush on ES for about the same time. I got mega excited when I heard they'd be starring in the Amazing Spiderman together and of course, like the romantic I am, wanted them to get together in real life too.

I walked past Andrew in Covent Garden around the corner from my work last month as I was on my way back from Tesco. WHAT TIMING. After having an internal spazz, my second thought was "Awww Andrew and Emma!" No kidding. Sometimes I'm pretty lame.

And if this isn't the cutest thing... Andrew literally gushing about Emma for a good minute.


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