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22 Dec 2011

So I live with a bunch of incredibly talented, super nice and hilarious people. I already did a post about baking extraordinaire Laura M, and today's post is about singer/songwriter/keyboardist (amongst other instruments) Laura K!

Ain't she gorgeous?

Laura's currently in a band - Tigercats - and they've been playing all over the UK and Spain. I know, freaking cool right?

She also does solo music - which I love! - and released an EP a little while ago through ePop. Check it out, along with a photo interview (coolest idea ever) here. We're hoping she's going to record an album soon!

Let's play Spot the Laura!


And this is a vid I took ages ago of one of Laura's old bands back in Brisbane - Roman History. They did a cover of The Strokes' You Only Live Once.


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