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20 Dec 2011

I'm back from Berlin! So tired but it's currently past 1am. Why does this always happen?

Anyway, if any of you follow the fab Soph at owlvsdove, you might remember her Viparo leather skirt giveaway. Well, I was the lucky winner! I promised Soph I'd do an outfit shot, but never really got around to doing one - and I wear it at least once a week at the moment. So here's one I took last week. (And I wore it in Berlin - of course!)

Um, and if you're not following Soph for some reason... do it! We're also tossing our #mildlyhipsterproblems back and forth on Twitter. Tell us yours! Twitter tweet tweet: Me and Soph on Twitter.


  1. YAY you're a winner! How was Berlin?! So very jealous of you. I am really liking your outfit!

  2. Berlin was fab! I was so very tired from all the walking and going out though. Blog post to come once I've edited all my photos.

    And thanks love!


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