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30 Dec 2011

My friend bought a nano block panda for her boyfriend for Christmas and was sending me photos of it. I happened to be in Paul Smith today and saw one. I had to have it!! So here's the process of my nano panda construction over the course of about half an hour... the pieces are just teeny tiny.

Excuse my bad hair, but this photo is more for relative size!


  1. I WANT ONE OMMMMMMGGGGG. I am so glad these things exist.

  2. You would have owned one about 4 months sooner if I'd known you'd actually want one! I almost got you that exact one in Paris in a weird little boutique on Rue de Bellechasse, but I thought you were sick of people giving you panda stuff. Or is it just owl stuff you're over? ;)

    Happy new year, BTW!

  3. To be fair, I am over people buying me panda stuff but I rarely buy it for myself AND I've been wanting to play with some Lego!

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