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1 Apr 2012

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It's been a little while since I've done a links post, but I finally have enough to make it worthwhile!

Wall piece with 200 letters by Kiasma
Period and costume drama tour - I love this!
Remembering Toola the sea otter
Thomas O'Brien's amazing apartment
How to potato print thanks to Nancy Straughan
Why women like slash - I find this stuff really interesting!
Scooter Braun talks about managing Justin Bieber. Super smart guy.
A letter to the man she'll love someday
How Kony 2012 is making the web smarter
Why you should adopt and not create children
Making carrot cake pancakes sounds like an excellent idea to me
Don Draper's new apartment


  1. I have some issues with that slash article (I don't think I've ever seriously wanted to be male, and I'm sure plenty of females haven't, despite all of the issues women face - and I guess I'd also like to think that women slash authors aren't so fraught by the limits imposed by society and tradition on their sex that they can't even imagine women characters in fics having totally independent agency and total dominion over their own bodies) but I think the overall premise certainly seems valid. I'll have to dig up the research article I was reading about slash a while back. There's also a book on the topic, called "Warrior Lovers" (LOLZ I promise it's an academic publication - it was published by Yale!).

  2. Thanks for sending that through! I found another article - well, THESIS really - on the slash topic but I haven't read past the intro yet. It really is quite long.


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