fashion // sass & bide ss13

9 Oct 2012

I'm back in Brisbane and it's so weird to be back! Everything is the same but everything has changed. I'm sleeping in the bed I spent my teenage years in and currently job hunting.

Anyway, here's my favourites from the SS13 sass & bide collection. Wish I had somewhere to wear all these hot clothes!


  1. Woahh man you're in Brisbane? That's craaay! I always picture you to be a perpetual traveller girl, perhaps with gigantic wings so you can fly from place to place. That would be the coolest thing ever. But welcome back! Perhaps I will run into you one day!

  2. Thanks! I'm planning to move to Melbourne (maybe try moving to NYC if I still don't want to be in Australia) but need to save up some cashola first. If you hear of any temp jobs, do let me know!


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