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25 Oct 2012

Unless you've seriously been living under a rock, or don't pay any attention to music, you must have heard of Ed Sheeran. He of the ginger hair and angelic voice and killer songwriting. He also likes cats (see video for Drunk).

I've always really liked his music, but I've watched a few interviews over the last few days and I've been struck by just how mature and nice he is. Well, his songwriting and lyrics are quite mature and the simple, but oh so emotional, video clip for Small Bump totally makes me tear up, but when you listen to him speak he's just clued up.

He's also incredibly sweet to fans! See the bottom two videos for him bringing up a girl on stage in Melbourne who was at the gig on her own, and a video chat with a fan on Grimmy's show where he offers her a backstage pass to the next gig she attends and nearly makes Grimmy cry with his nice-ness.


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