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20 Jan 2013

social media stationery for work

the past month has been pretty crazy with the holiday season and moving myself to melbourne for my new job. i'm still settling in and working madly (and currently procrastinating on doing a report to present tomorrow) and it's slowly all falling into place. on the house hunt right now too and i will be so glad when it's all over and i have my own place! i forgot how icky the whole real estate thing is. so in the meantime here's some instagram photos of my life over the past few weeks. it's packed full of catchups with friends and fun looking stuff but i can guarantee you i'm working hard! my blog is also doing something weird and i can't post photos side by side... coding to look into! what a ramble of a paragraph. all my writing skillz are being used up at work!

my half of our inspiration wall

brunch at las chicas

dinner at lucky coq

dinner at misschu

rooftop bar at naked for satan

cloud control supporting weezer at the sidney myer music bowl

vip thanks to uli!

come back and tour soon! (aka visit me) xx

early birthday lunch from beatbox kitchen

yummmmmmy burgers

cat street art in richmond

birthday brunch at three bags full


tilly in a box


  1. There's so much delicious food going on in this post, I can't keep up. hahaha And it sounds like there's a whole lot of wonderful change going on in your life :)

    Good luck with the house hunting and happy (belated?) birthday!

    1. Thanks Amy! It was my birthday last week. :D

      Um, there is a LOT of awesome food in Melbourne. I ate somewhere else amazing today - Mamasita!


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