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19 Apr 2015

One of my greatest pleasures in life is lying on the couch and watching movie trailers on YouTube (because my housemate's fancy tv can do that). So I thought I'd make a list of ones to watch out for, and then took it one step further and made it into a blog post. Ta dah!

Love & Mercy
Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) biopic. I didn't know that he struggled with mental health issues for a lot of his life. This looks fascinating. I'm also super keen to see Paul Dano playing a non-terrifying person. Somehow all of his films I've seen have been when he portrays scary people. I also love Elizabeth Banks! Top comedic actress, but I haven't seen her in as many 'serious' roles.

When Marnie Was There
I love great animated movies and Studio Ghibli does amazing work. This one looks like no exception and I've also read it might be the last full animated movie (say it isn't so!).

Song of the Sea
Speaking of great animated movies, make sure you see this one! This isn't a new release, but I had to mention it because it's by far one of the most beautifully animated movies I've ever seen and such a cute story. I grew up reading any like of folk tales I could get my hands on (especially Greek mythology) and always liked the melancholy tales of the selkies.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
This looks like a cute spin on the usual high school romance film. Of course it's based on a book because original screenplays seem to be so hard to come by these days. If you have any recommendations for original screenplays, please leave a comment!

Spooks: The Greater Good
(1) it's a movie version of one of the only tv shows I'd watch with my parents, (2) Kit Harington! Well done producers, well done.

Mr Holmes
This is another no brainer for me. Sir Ian McKellen and Sherlock Holmes. WINNING ALREADY. I really want to read the book this is based on.

Paper Towns
My homegirl Cara Delevingne being in this is enough for me to watch it.

If there's a type of film that I have watched nearly every iteration of, it's the teacher-inspiring-slightly-drop-kick-students-to-explore-their-full-potential-through-music (see: one of the greatest films of all time Sister Act 2). This one has Dustin Hoffman in it.

Amy Winehouse documentary because of course one was coming! She's sadly part of the 27 Club and left the earth too young. I love that Mark Ronson dedicated his latest album to her. Also, one of my housemates drank with Amy in two different bars.

Every Secret Thing
Tell me the ending of this already!! Two young girls who just got out of jail for murdering a baby, and then another girl goes missing. It sounds quite similar to a British mini series I've seen, The Ice Cream Girls.

This looks pretty hilarious. Is there a role that Guy Pierce can't do?

YES ANOTHER DANCE MOVIE. Well, kinda. This looks like it might annoy me with all the American patriotism and ex army and whatnot, but at the heart it looks like the story of a boy come good and growing up and being on a journey and helping his counsellor who lost a friend in the army while he's trying to get together with the dance captain and DJing for her dance crew. Yes. The kind of movie I watch on a Friday night.


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