one direction cake pops // and a cover

2 May 2012

Last year my work published Top of the Cake Pops by April Carter (aka Rhubarb and Rose). April shows you how to make your favourite popstars into cake pops with hilarious names. Some of my favourites are Crumbye West, Nutter Butter Bieber, Mochadonna, Cakey Perry, Slim Cakey... You get the gist!

So when I was brainstorming ideas for my housemate's birthday present I came up with a few gems including a nanoblock synthesiser since she's a keyboardist and a cushion with lyrics on it. She's a recent convert to One Direction and I thought it would be great to get her some 1D cake pops made by April. You might remember my cake pop day with What Laura Made from a little while ago, but while I might be able to fashion a simple cat pop, creating people pops is still a little beyond me. 

So these are the hilarious results! April did an amazing job on them (and they're her signature red velvet recipe - delicious!) and could probably start a full time 1D cake pop business once word gets out. Unfortunately she's not taking cake pop orders at the moment, but you never know... I had a lot of fun shooting them using the same backgrounds we used for the book! I also enjoyed playing with Picframe while I was bored on the tube.

2012_04_12 One Direction cake pops by Rhubarb & Rose

2012_04_12 One Direction cake pops copy

2012_04_12 One Direction cake pops copy

Here we are eating them at Laura's birthday party! I was chowing down on Zayn, Al had Liam and LK had Harry (naturally). She's also started doing a cover of What Makes You Beautiful and our housemate Tom joined in on his laptop and cat piano! We want it to go viral, but it hasn't happened yet...


  1. omg so cool :D what did you use to paint the clothes, eyes and hair ? :)

    1. I didn't actually make them (wish I had the skills!) but I think April used food colouring in the candy melts for the hair and colouring mixed with something else for the details... I'll have to check in my book when I get home!

  2. are they available to be bought? if so please email me @

  3. April from Rhubarb & Rose made them for me, but I'm not sure if she's taking orders at the moment.


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