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10 Nov 2012

yes, it's another one of those posts where i gush about one of my insanely talented muso friends. today is all about danco, or as some of you may know him - dann hume, or even "the drummer/occasional singer in evermore". he's a songwriter, drummer, guitarist, and now a pretty damn fine producer - he's worked with lisa mitchell and alpine to name drop a few.

dann was kind enough to put me on the door for his support gig with lisa mitchell last week and you could tell he was having fun on stage (minus the drunk lady who kept yelling at him to take off his pants). we talked about my blog and he suggested i link it to my twitter since he follows that... but well, yeah i do that already. so now i've purposefully tagged it with his twitter just to be obnoxious. so if you're reading this... HI DANN!

also, i am totally obsessed with his song "three in the morning". i woke up with it stuck in my head, so that's just how catchy it is!


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