link it // april

19 Apr 2015

The usual round up of cool links.

movies // to watch

One of my greatest pleasures in life is lying on the couch and watching movie trailers on YouTube (because my housemate's fancy tv can do that). So I thought I'd make a list of ones to watch out for, and then took it one step further and made it into a blog post. Ta dah!

Love & Mercy
Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) biopic. I didn't know that he struggled with mental health issues for a lot of his life. This looks fascinating. I'm also super keen to see Paul Dano playing a non-terrifying person. Somehow all of his films I've seen have been when he portrays scary people. I also love Elizabeth Banks! Top comedic actress, but I haven't seen her in as many 'serious' roles.

When Marnie Was There
I love great animated movies and Studio Ghibli does amazing work. This one looks like no exception and I've also read it might be the last full animated movie (say it isn't so!).

gold & grit // cremorne

28 Feb 2015

Part two of my photoshoot with Gold & Grit. (Profile photos for everything forever!)

gold & grit // blue walls

22 Feb 2015

It's taken me so long to post these, but they're finally here! A few weeks ago I did a shoot with my friend Stina, of Gold and Grit Photography. I was a bit nervous because I've never done a proper shoot before, but Stina send me some tips beforehand and made me feel really at ease in front of the camera (instead of behind it for once!). She's super talented and I think she'll be doing another shoot with me and some friends soon. I've got some more photos to share in another post too. Hope everyone's had a great weekend! I've been keeping cool inside the house post the 5km Neon Run some friends and I did last night.

All photos by Gold and Grit.

interiors // my bedroom

10 Feb 2015

Wall art (clockwise from top left): 'Camera' by Garance Dore, Chanel print from Paris (thanks C&J), Cara Delevingne by Sam Sidney (aka Style Paws), Princess (my old cat) by my friend Jess, ridiculous messages from Cloud Control

Hellooo! It's been forever and a day. Life and full time work has caught up with me and just before Christmas was ridiculously busy! My work moved offices from the 'burbs to Richmond (hellooo good coffee and food) and my landlady wanted to moved back into our apartment, so my housemates and I house hunted the bejesus out of December. We moved the Monday before Christmas, the same day my parents arrived for a week. Phew!

My room is looking nice and homey now and I took full advantage of the Gorman sale and my birthday voucher to buy the lobster doona cover and pillowcases. (I missed out on the spotted raincoat, but that's okay - there's always another season!)

I also recently won a Twitter competition run by marvellous London based illustrator Jack Hughes and my Breakfast at Tiffany's A2 print arrived in the post today! You can't really see it, but the paper stock is glorious, the printing almost looks like it's flocked and Jack's name is embossed in the bottom hand corner. I love it when people take care with the details. Follow Jack on tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

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