links // link it

28 Jun 2013

This installment of link it comes with a photo of the full moon from earlier in the week. Hai moon!

photography // david young

23 Jun 2013

Today's installment of All My Friends Are Talented features one David Young. Dave is a super talented photographer and recently took all the photos for Cloud Control's new album. Can't wait to see them! He's also worked on the Princess Diana film with Naomi Watts and had some fun stories to share about Naomi shouting all the crew drinks. What a lady!What else can I say really? I think I can just his photos do the talking, so I'm just going to leave Dave's pretty photos here for you to look at.

music // cloud control

5 Jun 2013

Photos by Ulrich.

Hello! I have a buttload of super talented friends and my pals in Cloud Control have just released Dojo Rising, the first single from their second album Dream Cave (or Dreamy Dave Cave as I'll be calling it. Shoutout to Dave if you ever read this!). They just played a sold out show at the Sydney Opera House and they're coming to Melbourne this week - yippie!

I love talking to friends about their jobs - especially if they're drastically different from mine. I read this interview with Al this morning and I thought it was really interesting because he's talking about his job for his job, which I guess is a side I wouldn't usually see. Here's some cool bits...

You recorded the vocals in a cave, or quarry is that correct? 
I was told I can’t reveal the name of the album or any of the song titles [just yet] which would help the story make more sense. But, yeah we recorded some stuff in a cave, it’s related to one of the songs mainly, the album has some cave themes.
So it’s just one song in this quarry or cave, is that right? 
One song plus a bunch of other random stuff on the album, it’s in a few songs actually. We only did the vocals for one song in a cave because the song is kind of about being in a cave. I wrote it in the rehearsal studio. I was in there by myself and I’d been drinking some whiskey. I tried to write the song that Roy Orbison would write if he was trapped in a cave for like thirty years and was just going crazy. He had a lot of suffering in his life anyway, but [I wanted] this to be as if he’d actually gone insane.
You mentioned that the title of the album would help it make more sense, does that mean that there’s a theme – is it a concept album? 
It’s totally not. The way the album was written, we were just writing separate songs; there was no agenda. I felt that on Bliss Release, even though it was like that, the songs did hold together really well, they all felt like they had the same ideas in them, I was hoping this time around we could do something similar. We’ve come up with ideas of how to link them all together. I think the name Bliss Release really tied everything together and I think this time around we’ve tried to do the same thing – to have an idea for the album that’s like a framework that all the songs can just fit into, like its building something together rather than just being a compilation.
I know this is an obvious question but do you feel pressure with this album, because your first album was so well received and you did really well for a young band? 
Sometimes I’m worried about it but I’ve got a lot of faith in this new album. I’m not that worried. Whether or not people like it, I think we’re all feeling pretty proud of it. I think that’s all you can do, try and make something you like and put it in the world – maybe people will like it, maybe you can change a couple of perspectives. I think we’ve been really true to ourselves and done something that’s really honest and just a cool piece of art.
Did you meet Rivers Cuomo?
Yeah, he was really, really nice – really lovely. He’s kind of a reserved little guy; I thought he was really cute. He’s exactly what you’d imagine from his songs and everything. I don’t know if he’s shy but he seemed like it. He did kick a soccer ball around backstage with shin pads on before the show and stuff like that. What was cool about Weezer was how down to earth their whole show is. You tour with some big bands and they’ll have a tonne of crew and production and stuff. Whereas Weezer play one guitar for the whole show, they’re just a straight up band – they get up there they play the songs. It could be at Oxford Art Factory and they’d have the same setup, they’re just doing it in fucking stadiums or arenas.
How excited are you to be back home for Vivid? 
Man I love being back. I feel like we’ve got a home over here and we’ve got friends and everything but it’s like having two homes. When we’re here I really miss Australia and when we’re in Australia I miss London.

I'm the same... When I'm in Australia I miss London and when I was in London I missed Australia. Sigh. I'd also like to put in a vote for Rivers being a very cute man. I met him for about 30 seconds and we discussed the weather. Seriously. How boring.

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