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28 Nov 2011

I've just moved house and I'm in that horrid in-between week as I'm currently sleeping on the couch until housemate Peter moves out. I can't wait to start nesting and fit out my new room! My cousins helped me move and couldn't believe how much I've accumulated in a year. I was surprised at how many boxes I had, but really... I wasn't that surprised I have a lot of stuff. I like my stuff.

I've already talked about my friend Jess who is a graphic designer and artist and, of course, blogs! She's currently undertaking a massive fashion challenge - the No Repeat Outfit Challenge. I think it's such a great idea to get out everything you wear in your wardrobe. At the very least it will make you realise what you just can't wear, because if you don't feel comfortable in it, you'll never wear it. I also love Geneva's Wardrobe Rehab and think I'll be doing that when I get into my new room too!

Jess also designed the personalised stationery I bought for my friends as a wedding present.

style // brought to you by the colour yellow

24 Nov 2011

My yellow inspirations from Pinterest. I'm so addicted to Pinterest. It's stopped me saving every second photo I see on the internet. Follow me if you've got it!


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favourite couple // andrew & emma

23 Nov 2011

So I have been known to fall in love with couples. I'm in love with some of my friends who are couples and I'm going to be back home next year in time to be at the wedding of one of those special couples! Anyway, my latest couple to love are the beyond fabulous and amazing and adorable and everything good Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I've had a big crush on AG for the last year and a big girl crush on ES for about the same time. I got mega excited when I heard they'd be starring in the Amazing Spiderman together and of course, like the romantic I am, wanted them to get together in real life too.

I walked past Andrew in Covent Garden around the corner from my work last month as I was on my way back from Tesco. WHAT TIMING. After having an internal spazz, my second thought was "Awww Andrew and Emma!" No kidding. Sometimes I'm pretty lame.

And if this isn't the cutest thing... Andrew literally gushing about Emma for a good minute.

music // mashups

16 Nov 2011

I love a good mashup and these are some of my favourites. Not to mention just about all of the mashups from Glee! There's a really great Adele mashup coming up this week too!
I just looked at my post in Google Reader and the links to the songs aren't showing up, so click on the post to listen!

bloggers // twin cat vintage and gary pepper vintage

14 Nov 2011

So this just might be my first jealousy post. I've blogged about my friend Sam before. She's now working as the Online Editor for Sportsgirl in Australia and runs Twin Cat Vintage. And now I've just discovered Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage with photography and fashion sense to die for. Now, these two ladies are both adopted from South Korea (just like me) and I would like to have their lives please. THEY'RE JUST SO COOL. Ahem, excuse the outburst.

music // jason walker

13 Nov 2011

Every now and then a song strikes a chord with me (ha to the pun) and I end up listing to it over and over and find that I can't hit the skip button on my iPod. This is one of those songs at the moment. All of my favourite songs are sad in some way. Maybe that's because musicians write the best songs from strong emotions - unfortunately, most of them stem from being sad, angry or depressed. Maybe. What do you think? I enjoy discussing music because you can't ever be wrong! It's just all personal opinion.


Hello, hello
Anybody out there?
Cause I don't hear a sound
Alone, alone
I don't really know where the world is but I miss it now
I'm out on the edge and I'm screaming my name
Like a fool at the top of my lungs
Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright
But it's never enough
Cause my echo, echo
Is the only voice coming back
My shadow, shadow
Is the only friend that I have

london // one year anniversary

I've been living in London for one year already! Where on earth did all the time go? Since I left Australia I've been to: USA (San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York), France (Paris x 2), Switzerland (Lucerne), Germany (Heidelberg), Austria (Strasburg), Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Verona), Vatican City, Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium (Brugge), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Ireland (Dublin), and Liverpool, Bath and Oxford in the UK. I'm going to Cambridge next weekend and Berlin just before Christmas - for the Christmas markets! I've managed to travel quite a bit, but there's still so many places to try and visit before I leave! The Greek Islands, Spain, Prague... and I want to go back to Paris and Italy again. The food in Italy is so so good.

I'm also getting excited about Christmas. Craig will be happy. I was a bit of a grinch last year and he is Mr Christmas. I've seriously never met anyone who's more into Christmas.

And I thought I'd post some photos from a year ago when I first arrived.

Royal Albert Hall - I still haven't been to anything there

Ice skating at Somerset House

Living with C & J

My first job


Afternoon tea with J - and we became housemates

And Big Ben... just because

books // tea & cake

10 Nov 2011

Tea & Cake illustrated by Emma Block

This is one of my favourite books of the season! It involves nearly all the things I love most: tea, cake and pretty illustrations. Slam dunk for a book if you ask me. Check out illustrator Emma Block too. Her career seems to be on the up and up. She's amazing and oh so nice! She's also doing a giveaway on her blog for Tea & Cake. You can enter here.

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