nanoblock // grand piano

26 Feb 2012

Yes, I bought another nanoblock kit! You might remember my giant panda one from a little while back. I found out where you can buy them online and I think the Eiffel Tower might be next...

Next to a film canister for size... it's teeny tiny!

saturday night // bowling at rowans

20 Feb 2012

If I can please alert you to my score of a perfect 100! Not quite the 300 pros score, but y'know... I doubled my score from the previous game.

And again, my totally talented friend Aaron made a video of us and, dare I say it, but we look pretty cool! Watching it made me feel like I wanted to hang out with all the cool people in that video. Is that a bit lame? Oh well, have a look. Excuse the extreme close up of my face...

Finsbury Park Bowling at Rowans from Aaron Rainbird on Vimeo.

church street // stoke newington

While Mon was here, we went for a long stroll to Church Street in Stoke Newington. It's a lovely little street packed with vintage stores and yummy places to eat.

This is Clissold Park where the snow hadn't quite melted.

That stuff is frozen water. Yup.

Orange, carrot and ginger juice at The Blue Legume and In the Sylvanian Store. Wall to wall Sylvanian animals!

Samples of cake and a cup of tea was just what we needed after a long afternoon walk, and I picked this gorgeous black dress up for £10 in one of the vintage stores!

Then it was off to Big Red for nachos before a spot of bowling... (another post to come and it includes a video!)

tv shows // suits

18 Feb 2012

I'm surprised it's taken me this long to blog about my new Favourite TV Show Of All Time. Suits! My housemates are thinking about staging an intervention because I often have something Suits related on my computer screen. That being said, they've watched the whole season and loved it too! Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht... mmmm...

Anyway, it's about a hot shot, intelligent, charismatic, cocky lawyer (Macht) who hires an associate (Adams), who doesn't actually have a law degree, but is supremely intelligent himself. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Babes! They have a bit of a Dr Cox/JD relationship. My housemates and I have decided that Harvey is like a modern day Don Draper. Donna (Harvey's secretary) is my other favourite character and she's so hilarious and sassy.

So if you haven't seen it yet, definitely give it a looksie! I love a television show with intelligent characters since the shows I've enjoyed recently include Sherlock and Bones.

And now here's some pretty pictures. The following are all from suitscaps.

Not an official photo, but I found it on Tumblr.

instagram // a day in the park

17 Feb 2012

While Laura's ladywife (aka best female friend) Monica was staying with us, we went for a leisurely walk through Finsbury Park to get to the BIG Sainsbury's and pick up Henry. Large grocery stores are somewhat of a novelty in London. You need to trek to the suburbs to find one!

Here's some BS (before snow) and AS (after snow) of Finsbury Park.

actors // meryl streep

16 Feb 2012

I do so love Meryl Streep. Here she is accepting her Golden Bear at the Berlin Honour Awards, complete with a lovely intro by Jake Gyllenhaal who's childhood friends with her son.

happy valentine's day // happy singles awareness day

15 Feb 2012

Happy Valentine's Day/Happy Singles Awareness Day! Or, as my friend pointed out, its acronym is: SAD. Hope you all have a lovely day filled with love, whether it be from your lover (ha, I always pronounce it in my head like Prince sings it), friends, family or, like me, your dad. Dad usually gives me a card and a big hug.

Today is also the birthday of three of my friends, so happy birthday to Tom, Lisa and Jackson! The Villas (what we call our house) are making Tom a birthday dinner and cake - Mexican and a Victoria Sponge because we're multicultural like that.

Also, check out my friend Julia's blog about Valentine's Day. It gave me warm fuzzies.

Oh, and the photo above is a cookie from my manager. He bought them for all of us and left them on our desks. Naw!

actors // joseph gordon-levitt & zooey deschanel

13 Feb 2012

This is just a post to declare my adoration in images for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Is it weird that I want them to get married and have cute little talented babies?

london // let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

9 Feb 2012

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

It snowed for the first time this winter last Friday night and my oh my, what a lot of snow! It's so magical and pretty and fun while it's thick and powdery, but then it starts melting and gets icy and muddy and is not so fun. Anyway, on Saturday morning Laura and I walked to Finsbury Park and took some photos since we thought we'd better make the most of the snow.

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

2012_02_05 Snow in Finsbury Park copy

Our friend Aaron was taking some photos the night before while it was actually snowing and because he's got some amazing skills... all of his photos look amazing!

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