fashion // twin cat vintage

31 Aug 2010

twin cat models:
chelsea aka bells, charlie aka dash & will, and mardi

my super talented friend sam sent me a sneak peak of her latest photo shoot for twin cat vintage. she roped her talented friends into modelling (chelsea is bells, charlie is one half of dash & will, and mardi is practically the face of twin cat). she's going to launch her brand spankin' new webstore tomorrow (!) and also launch her debut line of clothing (!!!). she's been busily designing clothing and accessories and preparing new packaging and press packs and it all looks fantastic so far.

on my last trip to melbourne i watched her shoot some pieces for the ebay store and checked out her office/wardrobe/stock room. it's packed to the ceiling with goodies! i also helped by ironing some pieces to be photographed. sorry sam, my ironing skillz aren't great!

twin cat collection - behind the scenes from chase burns on Vimeo.
here's the behind the scenes video that sam's boyfriend chase made.

quotes // alain de botton

29 Aug 2010





mixtape // august

27 Aug 2010

there's a lot of stuff i've been listening to for ages but i don't have much new music at the moment.

have you got any recommendations?

photography // fireworks at the ekka

Fireworks @ Ekka

Fireworks @ Ekka

Fireworks @ Ekka

Fireworks @ Ekka

Fireworks @ Ekka

i went to the ekka a couple of weeks ago. it's our yearly exhibition where you get showbags, watch woodchopping, check out baby animals, buy lots of food and watch fireworks and bands. a friend got free tickets so we went and spent lots of time in the food and wine pavilion and got dagwood dogs (i can only have one once a year, but that one dagwood dog is just sooo good). everyone else had to leave for various parties, but i met up with my sister and her boyfriend and stayed for the fireworks and the bands.

music // F**K YOU

25 Aug 2010

sophie just posted this on her blog and it's brilliant AND so darned catchy!

pride and prejudice // BBC 1995

Watching a 35yo Colin Firth eye sex Jennifer Ehle is one of life's simplest pleasures.

music // operator please and yves klien blue @ ekka

Operator Please @ Ekka

Operator Please @ Ekka

Operator Please @ Ekka

Operator Please @ Ekka

Operator Please @ Ekka

Operator Please @ Ekka

Operator Please @ Ekka

Yves Klien Blue @ Ekka

Yves Klien Blue @ Ekka

operator please and yves klien blue at the ekka.

sid & nancy and dirty dancing

22 Aug 2010

oh deary me, i've just found these two short films and laughed until i was almost crying. they're brilliant! zooey deschanel and joseph gordon-levitt as sid and nancy (and manage to refer to 500 days of summer) and channing tatum and charlyne yi in dirty dancing. i especially love how channing and charlyne are trying so hard not to laugh in the last bits of their scenes.

warning: coarse language

lomo // spinner 360

19 Aug 2010

South Yarra, Melbourne, Spinner 360
me, mel and brad in south yarra

South Yarra, Melbourne, Spinner 360

South Yarra, Melbourne, Spinner 360

St Kilda, Spinner 360
st kilda (in case you couldn't tell from luna park and the palais theatre)

my first developed spinner 360 film! i couldn't work out a way to successfully scan the negatives with either of my two scanners, then i hopped on the lomo website and found a way to ghetto scan. i'm going to have to sort out my scanner situation so i can get better quality scans.

travel // melbourne

18 Aug 2010

Rockley Gardens, South Yarra
taken by my talented friend brad

Union Lane, Melbourne

Union Lane, Melbourne

Le Triskel, Hardware Lane, Melbourne

i was recently in melbourne for a week on one last visit before i move overseas. it was such a great week and i managed to squeeze in time with just about all of my friends there. one of my best friends came with me and while we thought we'd drive each other nuts after a few days, we managed (even if we did sit with our iphones and ipods without talking when we were on trams and trains) and even went through withdrawals after getting home. the day after we got home, we sent so many unimportant text messages to each other, haha.

friends // caitlin

14 Aug 2010


my friend caitlin is embarking on her first blog, big ole life turn around. she's doing a 12 week challenge at her gym and is using it as a kick start to making some big changes in her life. she's suffered from depression for almost 10 years and her blog will be an honest, frank and at times giggle-out-loud daily diary as she makes this journey. i hate the word "journey" because it's so overused in reality television shows, but caitlin really is going on a journey!

i picked this quote because i think she'd like it. she also calls me her "asian cabbage". we're not quite sure where it came from, but it's stuck for the last couple of years.

quotes // alain de botton

13 Aug 2010





i've just discovered alain de botton's twitter. i love his book essays in love and his little tweets of wisdom inspired me so much, i made a whole heap of graphics from his tweets. any backgrounds i've used come from the lovely katrina of pugly pixel.

music // washington

11 Aug 2010

my favourite artist of the moment (aside from two door cinema club of course!) is washington. i saw her at the toff in town in melbourne a few years ago before the pixie haircut and big glasses and was more impressed with her voice than the band i was actually there to see. since then she's just released her debut album, is selling out shows left right & center, and gotten even more fans after two tear-rendering performances on spicks & specks (one and two - they're well worth a look! her voice is just spectacular)(actually, while i'm youtubing spicks & specks... katie noonan's appearance is well worth a look too!).

picture sources: one & two

music // two door cinema club

10 Aug 2010

Two Door Cinema Club @ Billboard

while i was in melbourne last week i saw two door cinema club at billboard and they were just amazing and so danceable! i'd been looking forward to seeing them play for months and they certainly didn't disappoint. melbourne is somewhat infamous for its stagnant crowds, but not at TDCC... it was the most extreme mosh i've seen since i was last in a phoenix mosh. phoenix have deceptively violent enthusiastic fans!

singer alex announced an after party at cherry bar since it was their last show in australia. we didn't have work the next day, so what the heck! we went along to cherry bar for some $3 pots, good music, dancing like a maniac and met alex, who was really lovely. although, he didn't make me feel so confident about moving to london since he said "oh i live in london. i've only been assaulted once." he must have seen the look on my face because he followed up with, "don't worry. they go easy on girls." comforting. so comforting, haha.

Two Door Cinema Club @ Billboard

Two Door Cinema Club @ Billboard

Two Door Cinema Club @ Billboard

Two Door Cinema Club @ Billboard

Two Door Cinema Club @ Billboard

more videos here.

videos // polarbearman

9 Aug 2010

global warming and climate change are such big issues and i just don't understand why some governments and some prominent leaders don't see how it's so important. this short film, polarbearman, starring lee pace is rather sobering. when i watched al gore's an inconvenient truth, i got teary when he talked about the polar bears. so because of that, polarbearman really hits home for me.

links //

8 Aug 2010


here's some links i've had sitting in google reader for quite some time. some are thought-provoking, some are pretty photos, some are interviews... whatever i've found worthy of bookmarking.

do you have a crush on anyone at the moment?


the following is a formspring question answered by my wise friend sophie. i feel like i would answer with the same (if i was as eloquent with language).

Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment?
always. but it's like the old cliche of a broken record, except this one is playing the first my chemical romance album. you really liked it at the time, and there are some really good things about it... but you know it's not good, and everyone around you keeps telling you how bad it is, but you just keep going back to it. and then you try and put that part of your life behind you, but you can't because everything else just grew off that and you just will never, ever escape that. and any time you try and start new(ish) you can't because that album is always there to make a person even more awkward and uncomfortable.

shop // blue is bashful

5 Aug 2010

some friends moved to melbourne a few months ago and nathan has started his own clothing store on greville st in prahran, blue is bashful. it stocks lots of gorgeous local and international designer clothing, jewellery and other trinkets! nathan stocks designers featured in frankie magazine. i popped in to visit when i was in melbourne last week and took a few happy snaps.

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