tavi gevinson // #ladyhero

30 Aug 2013

Sooo Tavi Gevinson. Ladyhero. Nevermind the fact that she's like a decade younger than me, she's still a ladyhero. Tavi was a keynote speaker at the Melbourne Writer's Festival (among others like London's mayor Boris Johnson, bless him). She spoke for about half an hour and then did a Q&A session.

Let me just say that Tavi essentially spoke about what she loves and about how her life is kind of like being a professional fangirl and being creative. Everything she said I've thought, but she says it so much more eloquently than I could ever do. When you have some spare time, check out her speech, because it's really truly great and I relate a lot. Any teenage girl, or anyone who's been a teenager really, would relate! Also, Benjamin Law chats to her in the above video, so that's #awesome!

Yes, Tavi referenced One Direction. And Bieber. Daria. Taylor Swift. The Virgin Suicides. Fleetwood Mac. Rashida Jones. All sorts of amazeball stuff. She makes me rethink my internet bio of "pop culture nerd".

what to watch // 2013 movies

25 Aug 2013

I loved this book and the cast and trailer looks promising.

One of my favourite things to do with our fancy, shiny TV is to watch movie trailers on YouTube. I spent a good hour last night catching up on some movie trailers and thought it would be good to share them (as well as document what I want to watch in the future!). So here's my pick of movies coming out this year. There's another 13 trailers under the cut!

cloud control // david young

19 Aug 2013

Once again I've neglected my little corner of the www. Just running in to say that my friend Dave made his directorial debut for our friends' latest single and I'm super dooper proud of him.

Dave, Al, Ulrich and some other peeps went to Iceland for a few days to film it. Al character is a bit of a vagabond who wanders around trying to get to his destination in some really spectacular scenery.

May I present SCAR by CLOUD CONTROL, directed by DAVID YOUNG. Wahoo!

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