london // things i miss

30 Oct 2012

things i miss about london

  • my friends
  • pret ham, bacon, cheese and tomato croissants
  • big red buses
  • walking everywhere
  • random celebrity spotting (yes, i really walked past andrew garfield and he was just as dreamy in real life)
  • cheap berries
  • cheap gigs
  • cheap books
  • seeing the london eye while walking across one of the bridges

things i'm enjoying about brisbane

  • family and friends
  • avocados
  • sushi
  • asian food
so there's a bit of a discrepancy in the lists at the moment...

music // ed sheeran

25 Oct 2012

Unless you've seriously been living under a rock, or don't pay any attention to music, you must have heard of Ed Sheeran. He of the ginger hair and angelic voice and killer songwriting. He also likes cats (see video for Drunk).

I've always really liked his music, but I've watched a few interviews over the last few days and I've been struck by just how mature and nice he is. Well, his songwriting and lyrics are quite mature and the simple, but oh so emotional, video clip for Small Bump totally makes me tear up, but when you listen to him speak he's just clued up.

He's also incredibly sweet to fans! See the bottom two videos for him bringing up a girl on stage in Melbourne who was at the gig on her own, and a video chat with a fan on Grimmy's show where he offers her a backstage pass to the next gig she attends and nearly makes Grimmy cry with his nice-ness.

video // the greatest event in television history

24 Oct 2012

Super trio Jon Hamm, Adam Scott and Paul Rudd star in this hilarious video. I've made some GIFs. I only recently found out you're actually meant to pronounce GIF as "jiff". Whoopsies!

You can really tell from the amount of tumblr posts this month that I'm quite bored without a job...

playing catchup // dinner at kate and dave's

20 Oct 2012

2012_06_09 Kate and Dave's copy

The time has finally come for me to be playing catchup on my blog! Be prepared for a lot of photos little blog... To kick things off here's some happy snaps from a dinner my friends Kate and Dave hosted a few months back. Dave made a delicious vegetarian risotto, a salad and I made my favourite Ottolenghi beetroot salad.

It all started out very innocent and then I caught up with Sam who was visiting London and we went out for cocktails. It all went a bit downhill from there when we came back to K&D's. There was a phone call involved that went something like this...

Me: Lauren, I don't trust these Treehouse boys and their rhubarb crumble. Who knows what they've put in it!
Ulrich: *takes phone off me*
Lauren: What's she doing now?
Ulrich: Eating the crumble.

2012_06_09 Kate and Dave's copy

2012_06_09 Kate and Dave's copy

2012_06_09 Kate and Dave's copy

2012_06_09 Kate and Dave's copy










As Dave called it... the most photographed dinner party ever.

music gig // MT @ ridley road market bar

18 Oct 2012

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

My dear friend Mikey had a residency with his band MT at Ridley Road Market Bar (back in June now... whoops - delayed post!) and we finally made it along to see him. He is incredible! He was in a band a few years ago called Yves Klien Blue and they were pretty successful in Australia. I really dig his new stuff. His voice is somewhat reminiscent of Brandon Flowers and all of his songs are so catchy. He's got amazing great stage presence and you literally can't take your eyes off him - probably helped because he's always bouncing around, climbing up on things and wandering into the crowd! He's already supported Pete Doherty twice (yeah, Pete Doherty!) and Adrian Grimshaw and I think things are only on the up and up for him!

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar 2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar 2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

2012_06_17 MT's gig @ Ridley Market Rd Bar

And the delicious pizza from Homeslice.

And a dodgy video I took of Mikey's cover of Teardrops.

MT links // official, facebook, twitter.

music // two door cinema club - sun

12 Oct 2012

Most of my friends know that I love a good gif and I recently learned how to make them. Unfortunately that means a lot of the time I'm actually thinking "wow that would make a great gif!" Sad, but true. It also causes some friends to stare at me and ask what the heck a gif is. Naturally when one of my favourite band's released their new video clip... I gif-ed the heck out of it. Check tumblr if you like... you'll probably find all of my gifs. Including my favourite that's gotten a fair few notes...

favourite mugs // sophie allport

11 Oct 2012

I bought this adorable Wimbledon mug from the store the day I was at Wimbledon and was trying to explain what it looks like to Mum as it's still on it's way here via seafreight. While I was looking it up I found out that it's designed by Sophie Allport and she has a lot of other gorgeous mugs, homewares and fabrics. I love these designs and they make me feel rather homesick for London...

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