toys // nano block panda

30 Dec 2011

My friend bought a nano block panda for her boyfriend for Christmas and was sending me photos of it. I happened to be in Paul Smith today and saw one. I had to have it!! So here's the process of my nano panda construction over the course of about half an hour... the pieces are just teeny tiny.

Excuse my bad hair, but this photo is more for relative size!

party // mad men halloween

24 Dec 2011

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

So it's almost Christmas and I'm just posting about Halloween. It was just before I moved into my house, but me and my new housemates had a Halloween party with the theme of... yep, you guessed it from the title of the post - Mad Men! So we all frocked up in our Sunday best and I finally got to bust out my vintage hat I bought in Glasgow. I made tea sandwiches - cucumber and egg of course - and we made some Halloween fairy bread in the shape of pumpkins and cats. FUN NIGHT.

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy


2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy


2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy


2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

2011_10_29 Mad Men Halloween @ Villas copy

food // neal's yard dairy

I've been put in charge of cheese for Christmas and due to unforeseen family circumstances our Christmas party is smaller than it was meant to be. We're having a mini Christmas dinner tonight before Craig flies to Australia tomorrow.

Now, you need to know a little something about me and my friend Craig. We love cheese. I mean LOVE cheese. Try and separate us from the cheese board at any event. I have no self control when it comes to good cheese. So I wasn't surprised when I had to wait for 20 minutes at Neal's Yard Dairy.

I did get to try a LOT of cheese. Cheese lovers visiting/living/breezing through London you simply must go and visit and sample and BUY! I went a bit nuts and spent £30 on 6 cheeses. 6 amazing cheeses.

So I hope there'll be some left for Christmas day after Craig and I attack them tonight!

(Prayers and thoughts for C, J and B's families!)

music // laura k

22 Dec 2011

So I live with a bunch of incredibly talented, super nice and hilarious people. I already did a post about baking extraordinaire Laura M, and today's post is about singer/songwriter/keyboardist (amongst other instruments) Laura K!

Ain't she gorgeous?

Laura's currently in a band - Tigercats - and they've been playing all over the UK and Spain. I know, freaking cool right?

She also does solo music - which I love! - and released an EP a little while ago through ePop. Check it out, along with a photo interview (coolest idea ever) here. We're hoping she's going to record an album soon!

Let's play Spot the Laura!


And this is a vid I took ages ago of one of Laura's old bands back in Brisbane - Roman History. They did a cover of The Strokes' You Only Live Once.

christmas // happy xmas

21 Dec 2011

happy xmas (war is over)

I made this a couple of years ago using the lyrics from one of my favourite Christmas songs...

style // viparo leather skirt

20 Dec 2011

I'm back from Berlin! So tired but it's currently past 1am. Why does this always happen?

Anyway, if any of you follow the fab Soph at owlvsdove, you might remember her Viparo leather skirt giveaway. Well, I was the lucky winner! I promised Soph I'd do an outfit shot, but never really got around to doing one - and I wear it at least once a week at the moment. So here's one I took last week. (And I wore it in Berlin - of course!)

Um, and if you're not following Soph for some reason... do it! We're also tossing our #mildlyhipsterproblems back and forth on Twitter. Tell us yours! Twitter tweet tweet: Me and Soph on Twitter.

links // link it

16 Dec 2011

Taken in Cambridge - we had lunch there. SO pretty.

I'm off to Berlin at stupid o'clock tomorrow. I expect I'll sleep on the plane and need a lot of coffee when I arrive! Here's some links I've been hoarding...

fashion & shopping // THE ICONIC

Attention Australian readers, friends, family, cats & dogs!

I was recently contacted by THE ICONIC, who are a brand spankin' new online store in Australia. Unfortunately they don't ship overseas yet so I can't order anything while I'm in London (sad face). They're stocking the latest fashions and some rad brands like Ellery, Ben Sherman, Fleur Wood, Ksubi, MINKPINK, Tony Bianco (my favourite pair of peep toes!) and White Suede. One of the most amazing (and possibly crazy) things about them is that they can deliver in three hours if you live in Sydney. That is totally nuts!

THE ICONIC is also doing a little something special for Christmas... a $50 gift voucher if you spend a minimum of $99. Let's face it, it's pretty easy to do! I'm eyeing off some of the shoes in particular... I could always get them shipped to a friend in Australia right? Anyway, see the below code if you'd like to get in on the action...

They're also doing a competition with the prize being a $1000 voucher to spend. Check out their Facebook for more details here.

christmas // a gingerbread, erm, love story

14 Dec 2011

My friend Jon was posting these photos, accompanied by hilarious captions, on Instagram. I immediately demanded (yep, not asked, demanded) that he send them all to me so I could post them on the world wide web. Hilarious!

Note the Tiffany's couple from the upper east side. Little does she know that he's cheating with her best friend.

However after she left her cheating husband, like those before her, she sued him and ended up with a bracelet, necklace and a killer tan. And a Herm├Ęs belt.

In the meantime he had moved on to experimenting at the local homosexual club where he met men of all different colours. But all the same shape.

Soon his weekends became routine. Clubs full of faceless bodies. How ever was he to find love? And would she ever find love while spending her divorce settlement?!

He finally found love in the name of Rico. Rico enjoyed playing tennis with his shirt off and in his sparkly headband. Rico also enjoyed body piercings and long walks on the beach.

She found love in a billionaire named Stirling while shopping at Tiffany's. Yes his eye and mouth were slightly conjoined, but what were looks when money, I mean love was involved?! They married the next week and settled in Bora Bora.

He and Rico married the next week under New York's new gay marriage laws. Unfortunately it was ruined due to an inexplicable mob of tourists from the far east... He and Rico were briefly separated but found each other when the mob had passed. They vowed never to leave each other's side.

She returned to Manhattan from Bora Bora after a hasty divorce from Stirling... As hasty as her marriage to Stirling had been. Apparently a conjoined mouth and eyes had its issues. But as she gazed out from her Upper East Side apartment, she realised there were plenty more diamond studded fish in the sea. While Carrie Breadshaw wrote her sad single person articles, our Manhattan girl had married twice and now lived like a queen. She cheered up at the thought.

The End

art // 1970s nativity

10 Dec 2011

Present & Correct posted this gorgeous paper nativity pattern from the 1970s. Check it out!

friends // what laura made

9 Dec 2011

After finally settling into my new house and a crazy period at work being over, I need to get stuck back into blogging! I'm going to Berlin next weekend and will need research a bit more on that. How time flies!

So this is a post dedicated to one of my (new) housemates, Miss Laura. I'm actually living with two Lauras, and the other Laura is also super talented, but I'll save that for another post. This Miss Laura is a very talented baker. If you're in the London area and ever need anything made, give Laura a shout. I can guarantee her baking is amazing!! Now we're living together I think I'll be her official baking photographer.

Most recently she made a 3 layered carrot cake for our friend Lulu's birthday.

2011_12_03 Lulu's Birthday copy

2011_12_03 Lulu's Birthday copy

2011_12_03 Lulu's Birthday copy
Here's Laura!

A mojito cake for our ladies' party.

A blueberry bundt cake for Lulu's boat BBQ.
(Oh yeah, did I mention Lulu lives on a houseboat on the Thames with an amazing view of Tower Bridge?)





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