videos // mad men

22 Jul 2010

i'm going through seasons of various television shows and watch a couple of episodes before i go to sleep every night. right now it's mad men! i vaguely know what's going to happen and i can't see the peggy/duck relationship happening yet...

lomography // west end markets

West End Markets

and here's the rest of my lomo photos from the film i recently got developed. these were taken sprawling on the field in the sunshine at 9:30am at the west end markets.

West End Markets

West End Markets

West End Markets

West End Markets

West End Markets

friends // sarah-jane @ bang doll vintage

20 Jul 2010

Bang Doll Vintage, West End

Bang Doll Vintage, West End

after wandering around the brisbane french festival, sarah-jane and i went for a walk through west end and ended up trying on some dresses in bang doll vintage. i think we're going to end up on their facebook at some point, as the owner asked to take our photo.

isn't this lace dress gorgeous? it was way too small for me so i made SJ try it on. the material was so heavy and i imagined it was someone's wedding dress. if i ever get married i like the idea of a vintage dress, or something just a bit out of the ordinary.

west end markets

19 Jul 2010

West End Markets

last saturday i went to the west end markets for the first time and spent a leeetle too much money on food! i arrived at 7:30am for first breakfast with one lot of friends, then a bunch of other friends arrived and i walked around with them for my second breakfast (like a hobbit i am)! i got dropped back to my car and went to meet SJ at lunch time to check out the brisbane french festival. it was such a lovely sunny day, but getting quite warm outside, and the southbank cultural forecourt was just so busy.

West End Markets

West End Markets

West End Markets

West End Markets

West End Markets

West End Markets

Brisbane Wheel

lomography // finders keepers market

Finders Keepers Market @ Old Museum

i finally finished my latest lomo action sampler film and have the results from my mini photoshoot with sophie from the finders keepers markets last month. enjoy!

Powerhouse, Brisbane

Powerhouse, Brisbane

Finders Keepers Market @ Old Museum

Finders Keepers Market @ Old Museum

Finders Keepers Market @ Old Museum

Finders Keepers Market @ Old Museum

Finders Keepers Market @ Old Museum

actors // jon hamm & rebecca hall

16 Jul 2010

i've recently become addicted to mad men and like all the ladies i know and have worked with in publishing... in love with don draper/jon hamm. w magazine did a photoshoot with jon hamm and rebecca hall for their upcoming movie the town directed by ben affleck. the magazine compares him to cary grant and i completely agree. yummy.

photography // lomography spinner 360

15 Jul 2010

if this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will. it's my wallpaper on my phone because it makes me giggle or at least smile inwardly whenever i see it!

in other news... i just bought the lomo spinner 360. HEE! dangerous dangerous opportunities for wasting a lot of money on film and developing. i hope it arrives before i leave for melbourne!

inventive title here

14 Jul 2010

parker fitzgerald

here's a pretty picture.

today my brain just isn't working. corporate marketing really isn't my cup of tea (thought i'm drinking lots of them today! har har). i'm am glad i'm giving it a try and learning new skills and practicing my writing.

in other news, the lovely nancy of wolf & willow featured my friend jess (the island of dr gateau) as her yummy delicious blog of the week!

music // phoenix

13 Jul 2010

one of my favourite bands is phoenix. their music never fails to make me feel light and happy! the french boys have been staples in my music collection for 6 or 7 years now and i've seen them live 3 times. the first time was at v festival in 2007 and the day was so dreary as it had been raining on and off. the one time the sun decided to shine was during phoenix's set when thomas sang consolation prizes. happiest festival moment!

the second time i saw them in melbourne was also fantastic because it was the first time i saw them play their own gig with sam (fellow phoenix nut, photographer and all-round creative entrepreneur) and our friends N and S. there's something special about seeing a band for the first time in an enclosed venue. festival sets never feel quite as intimate. i felt the same way when i saw bloc party for the first time at festival hall. they're such a great festival band, but i loved them just as much indoors!

anyway, one of the many blogs i follow in google reader (thank you internet gods for google reader!) is phoenix's diary. not only do the boys create wonderful boppy music... they take some pretty darn good photos too. they know about composition!

television // masterchef

10 Jul 2010

fan favourite marion was eliminated on masterchef last night and the response was overwhelming. some of the comments on facebook made me giggle. i'm in two minds about masterchef. yes, i'm an avid fan, but yes, i also believe the winner is going to be the person who's the most marketable and will sell the most cookbooks. marion definitely has marketability and i think she'll be successful no matter what. now i'm not sure who's going to win though! i hope it's adam since he's my other favourite. he's also so smiley and cheerful all the time.

here's some comments that i particularly liked on the masterchef facebook.
  • How can someone so insipid beat someone so brilliant? What a joke George and Gary. Really, what a joke.
  • So, last week we kept in curry man Jimmy and Aaron and this week they make a choice. Feel sorry for Marion
  • PISSED OFF SOMETHING SERIOUS! Spitting chips! MARION, you will have your revenge when you get that phone call from HESTON BLUMENTHAL! You GO GIRL! xxx
  • WTF is Jimmy still doin' in this show? OKAY we get it...u can cook a curry and flat bread
  • Something seriously wrong here when Callum and Aaron who haven't managed diddlysquat between them get through and Marion who has cooked like a legend all the way through gets knocked out. Hardly a reflection of Australia's greatest amateur cook!
  • still crying. would've been tears either way. wish johno & his superior pink shirts would GO HOME
  • MC just lost a shitload of dollars - she would have sold many a cookbook!
  • Cannot believe that Gary & George made such a decision over a single dish. In the past they have based their decisions on the contestants whole experience in the competition - I have a feeling it's more to do with ratings and trying to level out the playing field. It was written all over Garys face, he didn't want to vote her out.
  • its a shocker - Marion for PM!
  • Maybe it's time to go back to basics and emulate the simpler, fairer UK version where the best chef always wins. Bu then again this Channel 10, hardly renowned for its integrity. Sad day for TV.
  • Knew she was going. I said it at beginning of week. Whoever you see in any of the mags or papers they are the next to go. Big story on Marion in last Sunday's paper and she even said she thought Jonathan would win....hello I know if I was still in the competition I would say I will win....otherwise why bother! Same thing happened with Phil, Dominic... See more, Matthew and others. Remember the hype about Joanne and all the stuff on facebook about her well it only got media attention in the week she was eliminated yet people were bagging and abusing her on FB from day one!
  • Racist. Mark my words - They've gotten rid of the middle-easterners and the Greeks. Alvin and/or Jimmy will be next. In the end it will be between Callum, Claire, Jonathan, Aaron and Courtany. They will never let a non-anglo win. Poh was a better cook than Julie and look what happened. I think the producers are thinking beyond the show to the ... See more endorsements that the sponsers will have the winner do - eg: Julie Goodwin and Glad. The sponsors will want an anglo to win for sure. A big raspberry to MC.

food // red velvet cupcakes

8 Jul 2010

taken by jess (island of dr gateau)

like the rest of the world, i'm in love with red velvet cupcakes. the two photos taken by jess were the first batch we ever made (and it was together! we had a baking day) and ever since we've been making them pretty regularly, but they'll never taste as good as that first batch. i tell people how easy they are to make and give them the recipe, but no one ever seems to make them. i feel like i need to find another "go to" recipe now, because as much as i hate to admit it, i'm starting to get sick of making them. time for bigger and better baked goods!

taken by jess

this was me getting fancy with cupcakes last christmas

taken on a nikon slr with film

people // jess - the island of dr gateau

7 Jul 2010

grenadine and cherry velvet cupcakes

it's no secret amongst my family and friends that i love food. i mean, i really love food. the kind of love that gets me bouncing in my seat with excitement when masterchef is on (and marion wins yet another challenge) and that i plan to centre my days around eating out rather than shopping when i visit melbourne next month. i love baking and have perfected the art of the red velvet cupcake and, more recently, creme brulee. but my culinary skills have got nothin' on my friend jess'.

jess started her own blog, the island of dr gateau, and it's pretty darn spiffy. she's completing her thesis in neuroscience and is frighteningly intelligent with an amazing memory. her parents also have artistic backgrounds and she's a wonderful photographer and artist herself. oh, and she could also rattle off the names of every model in the pages of vogue while dressed impeccably herself in lanvin, country road and thurley. she's recently back from a trip with her boyfriend to canada and new york where they ate their way around some amazing cities. i followed her photos avidly on picasa.

we tried making red velvet cupcakes for the first time together and have been obsessed with them ever since. jess takes it a few steps further and keeps trying variations. her latest is malted red velvet cupcakes, which i can't wait to try because i love malt!

click through for the recipes.

malted red velvet cupcakes

yuzu tart

chocolate brandy mousse with vanilla pear puree and pear tart milk pudding

alexander kapranos brownies

peach tea velvet cakes

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