mixtape // april

16 Apr 2014

I've definitely not been giving my little corner of the internet as much love as I should, so I'm going to start a monthly playlist. Given that my musical taste doesn't really change much from month to month, this is going to be a challenge! It will also make me look for new music because I won't let myself share the same songs from the month before. Listen on Spotify here.

There's quite a lot of artists who have been around for a while, but I've only just discovered them recently. I am completely obsessed with Ed Sheeran's new song though. Play SING from the rooftops!!

link it // links

7 Apr 2014

2013_03_21 Runway 3 Grazia

Well I just discovered this post buried in my drafts. Here's a whole bunch of links from ages ago that I thought were cool...

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