videos // santo, sam & ed's cup fever

29 Jun 2010

i'm one of those people who jump on the world cup wagon and i jump on it big time. i watched all the socceroos' matches and went out to watch one in a dodgy sports bar. it was all worth it when we scored that one goal because the entire bar just erupted and people were jumping up and down hugging each other, spilling their beers, waving scarves and it's one of the best feelings... feeling close to complete strangers because you've bonded over something. anyway, i just discovered the youtube channel for the SBS tv show santo, sam & ed's cup fever. i've been meaning to watch it, thinking it was a "the dream" style comedy show, but for the world cup instead of the 2000 olympics and by the type of uploaded videos, i'm right! these ones have just made me laugh out loud...

artist // holly farrell

thanks to frankie magazine i discovered holly farrell. these images are her paintings. yes. paintings.

friends // sophie @ finders keepers market

28 Jun 2010

on the weekend, i caught up with my friend sophie (hospitals for ghosts) and we walked along the river to the powerhouse for food nibbles, then drove (we couldn't quite face the walk!) to the finders keepers market at the old museum. we spent too much money on food and brooches, but it was a lovely day! sophie's one of my favourite people to photograph too because... well... i think the photos speak for themselves.

i also used pugly pixel's latest free download, scallop medallions! katrina often posts free clip art to download and i adore them all. you'll probably see me using them a lot in my graphics (when i can be bothered to make them look pretty).

my new peacock brooch/clip/fascinator

actors // anna friel and lee pace

27 Jun 2010

my friend thought i would love the tv show pushing daisies and she knows me pretty well, because i'm four episodes in and i love it! lee pace (the piemaker) and anna friel (the girl named chuck) are both so gorgeous and play wide-eyed innocents ned and chuck so beautifully. it's really sweet to see a really simple kind of love on screen and they're more like two kids with a lot of affection for each other.

i also love chuck's wardrobe! i've only seen the first few episodes and she wears a lot of bright coloured 50s style clothing. plus, anna gets extra bownie points because her partner is david thewlis, probably best known for playing remus lupin in the harry potter movies (one of my favourite HP book characters!).

photos from:, anna friel network & the piemaker

and one more from the 2008 emmys, because, well, look... HELLO LEE PACE!

artist // jessica hyde -

paris i love you by truth be told

jessica hyde is a melbourne friend and she's, well, an artist! she draws and creates all these beautiful designs and then... prints them onto stationary! she runs her own little label, truth be told. i'm a stationary nut and i've been a stationary hoarder my whole life. when i was little i even collected hotel stationery. anyway, jess makes gorgeous, elegant prints, cards, stationery, all while holding down a full time job in graphics in architecture. she's a busy girl!

friends // brad - soon-to-be-male-model

i met my friend brad at uni in our first year and six years later i'm finally graduating with a degree! i think brad's slowly chipping away at subjects while he's working, but maybe he won't have to work nine to five anymore... i've been bugging him for a while to go to a modelling agency and to give being really-really-ridiculously-good-looking a shot.

it turns out other friends have been bugging him too, and he's got some connections because a friend showed his facebook photos to a photographer who showed them to someone else who... you get the idea. the main point is that brad has his first paid modelling gig for a skate clothing company! he's obviously destined for high fashion, but whatevs... everyone starts somewhere. miranda kerr started for  voodoo dolls.

watch this space...

movie // the blind side

18 Jun 2010

i'm often rather late to the party. i'm losing significant amounts of sleep because i just finished watching this, and now i'm losing more sleep by writing this. so, the blind side. i saw the trailer and got teary. i got teary within the first 15 minutes of the film. i know some of my friends didn't like the idea that it was a white woman helping a black man, and i understand that, but it is based on a true story... anyway, i really enjoyed it and sandra bullock was great in it. as i usually do, i hop on wikipedia to read up on some of the finer details and then i read this about quinton aaron, who played the main character, and almost cried again...
Quinton auditioned for the role of Michael Oher after his mother found out about the casting call online. After he was chosen as a finalist, he was flown in to Los Angeles for the final audition. Unsure on whether he had gotten the part, on his way to the door he reached into his pocket and pulled out a card and told Director John Lee Hancock that he knew it was a long shot for him to get the part but that he does security work and would love to do services should it be needed for the film. Director Hancock told him that he would keep it in mind.
A year after the audition, Quinton's life spiraled down. His mother died and income was far in between. He had no money to pay rent or buy food for him and his brother. They had no electricity and were about to be evicted from their apartment. Just when he was about to lose hope, the phone rang. He was told that he had won the part in the movie.

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