valentino @ GOMA

21 Oct 2010

my friend grace has her own brisbane art exhibition review blog called the swing. her latest post is about an exhibition i've actually been to - valentino, so i appreciated her review even more! check it out.

walk-in-wardrobe fashion fundraiser for youngcare australia

20 Oct 2010

if you're in melbourne this weekend, do pop into walk-in-wardrobe fashion fundraiser for youngcare australia on greville street in prahran. my friend sam is having a twin cat vintage stall and will be selling sale price vintage, sunglasses and pieces from her twin cat collection.

big issues // life will get better

18 Oct 2010

joel burns tells gay teens "it will get better"

this is one of the most touching speeches i've ever seen. please watch it.

music // TIGER BEAMS

14 Oct 2010


Meet my pals Jeremy and Jesse. Two of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. I mean ever. I wish I’d met them sooner, and not just a couple of months ago because now I'm about to leave and it’s much harder to hang out while in a different hemisphere. So I saw TIGER BEAMS last night and Jesse was sick, but managed not to lose his voice. He borrowed a friend's jacket and my necklace to be fringetastic. The suede jacket lasted all of one song before it got too hot though!






And a somewhat dodgy video of BEAMS OF LIGHT.

coldplay & john farnham

11 Oct 2010

i can't help but feel patriotic when i see something like this.

friends // rebecca

8 Oct 2010

i took some photos for my friend bec today. i hope she doesn't mind if i post this one. it's my favourite shot and i think she looks especially like amelie! she's in the process of starting her own modern etiquette blog called social sugar. i've seen a sneaky preview and it looks fantastic!

bec, i'm sure you'll read this, so do let me know if you'd like me to take it down. :)

universal traveller // travel blog

7 Oct 2010

i don't like goodbyes and i'm doing a lot of them lately. i move to london in less than 2 weeks! before that i've got a 3 week trip to the USA and i decided to start a separate travel blog so friends and family can see what i'm up to. i think i'll be doing a fair bit of travel by myself while i'm overseas and with internet connection being everywhere, in all the downtime i'll have to myself, blogging will give me something to do. getting emails from travellers is always great, but i'm such a visual person. i love seeing photos too and attaching photos to emails is tedious. why not have text and images all on the one page? thus... universal traveller was born!

music // evermore

4 Oct 2010

i had a chat to one of my friends today and realised i've probably pimped all my other creative friends except his band, evermore! they're a pretty big deal in australia and new zealand and p!nk even asked them to tour with her through europe last year. i was so excited for them.

they're writing for album number five (wow, can't believe it's five already! their fourth was a greatest hits so maybe that doesn't count?). anyway, they posted this video as a teaser. i'm looking forward to it! (dann's such a dork, but so hilarious!)

EDIT: maybe i should've added some videos for their actual songs too. here's light surrounding you, featuring actress emily browning, and the international video clip for hey boys and girls. the little blonde girl kinda freaks me out, but the other kids are so gorgeous.

byron bay

3 Oct 2010

Byron Bay

i'm just back from a couple of nights away in byron bay. i was hoping for sunny weather and lazing on the beach, but as you can see, it didn't really work out! we were on the beach for all of about 10 minutes before we had to get out of the wind.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

fashion // twin cat vintage


i've just got back from a girls weekend at byron bay. unfortunately not with a tan since the weather was miserable, but we still enjoyed ourselves running for cover in the rain and eating out lots. my twin cat tote bag arrived in the mail while i was away though! i love packages in the mail.

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