must watch // the big reunion

31 Mar 2013

I've just discovered (and watched in about three days) The Big Reunion, which is a UK reality show about 90s bands Five, B*Witched, Liberty X, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten and 911 reforming for a one off show at the Hammersmith Apollo theatre in London. That one off show sold out in under five minutes, so now they're doing a huge arena tour. Hope they all actually get along! You can watch the first episode (and all episodes in fact!) on YouTube. Thanks YouTube.

You know those people whose first concert was Michael Jackson or Radiohead or someone just really cool? I am not one of those people. My first concert was this...

national designer award // breakfast at tiffany's

20 Mar 2013

sorry for the maoooosive photo of barbara palvin, but... sorrynotsorry because she's a total babe! well done to style paws for nabbing her for a shot. then all the other photographers descended!

but i'm getting a bit ahead of myself... sam and i attended the national designer award at tiffany and co on collins street this morning. it was literally breakfast at tiffany's with tiny breakfast-y foods like greek yoghurt with honey, mini bacon rolls and minute quail egg something-or-others. barbara palvin, megan gale and alice burdeu were all in attendance and looking stunning.

big congratulations to from britten who won the award, as well as $10,000 and helpful advice from ANZ. their menswear is stunning (and so was their male model!).


and just a happy snap of style paws because we saw this awesomesauce wall on our travels. everyone should get british india's new album because it's rad.

olympics // tennis at wimbledon

17 Mar 2013

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

when the olympic games ticket ballot opened, i only applied for the tennis and the swimming finals. unfortunately i didn't get any swimming tickets, but i did get three lots of tennis! i ended up selling two lots back to the olympics as i didn't want to take three days off work to just see tennis, so i kept the centre court tickets and went with a friend.

we certainly had an action packed day with serena williams up first. man, oh man, does this lady have a powerful serve. she completely pummeled poor zvonareva.

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon
djokovic vs hewitt

hewitt played really well in the first set and djokovic was looking like he was struggling, but then he came back in the second set to completely dominate and then hewitt was the slow mover on court. amazing to see the world number one in action!

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon 2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon 2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

i left my friend at centre court since she wanted to see the and murray vs marcos baghdatis match, but as i'd already seen murray play at wimbledon, i was ALL about trying to get onto court 18 to see THE KING ROGER FEDERER. have i mentioned i love roger federer? no? well i certainly am now. switzerland's biggest dreamboat, fo sho.

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

look at his perfect hair!

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon 2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

ugh. such perfection. such elegance. i should stop. he and his doubles partner stanislas wawinka lost to the israeli team, but roger is such a fine player to watch. i really wanted to see one of his singles matches, but i'm so grateful i got to see him play at all!

2012_08_01 Tennis Olympics @ Wimbledon

love // dad's letter to his gay son

16 Mar 2013

i just discovered this beautiful letter from a dad to his son on mashable. i hope my gay friends will be able to legally marry in the next few years.

harry potter // studio tour

14 Mar 2013

2012_07_28 Harry Potter studio tour

2012_07_28 Harry Potter studio tour

oh boy, this was only one of the best days ever! i'm catching up on some rather old blog posts since this happened... erm... last july. whoopsies! anyway, unless you really really love harry potter and/or movie sets, don't worry about clicking through because there's a lot of photos under the cut!

we spent about 5 hours there all up and thoroughly enjoyed poking around the set. there's two huge buildings, chock full of HP movie goodness. the first room is just massive and we spent the most time in that one. it had the griffindor common room, the boys' dormitory, dumbledore's office, the burrow, snape's potions dungeon, and that's barely scratching the surface!

link it // so many links

13 Mar 2013

it's finally time for another one of my mega links posts. here's a bunch of links i've been sitting on for, in some cases, quite literally months!

fashion // kookai aw13

7 Mar 2013

hello lovelies! if anyone is still reading my blog that is. it's been a big six months with moving countries, then moving cities, but i'm finally settling down in melbourne. anyway, tonight sam and i sat in the front row (yeah, don't know how we managed that!) of the kookai aw13 show. most of it i wouldn't wear as i'm not the size of a model and not comfortable in super clingy fabrics, but there were some amazing sweaters, coats and i really want a pair of those leather leggings. hot to trot! our goodie bags included a huge kookai scarf which will come in very handy this winter. bring on the cold already!


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