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14 Nov 2011

So this just might be my first jealousy post. I've blogged about my friend Sam before. She's now working as the Online Editor for Sportsgirl in Australia and runs Twin Cat Vintage. And now I've just discovered Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage with photography and fashion sense to die for. Now, these two ladies are both adopted from South Korea (just like me) and I would like to have their lives please. THEY'RE JUST SO COOL. Ahem, excuse the outburst.


  1. Oh gosh Helena, you're too sweet. Thank you for the blog post, I'm entirely flattered (though also horrified to be put in a post alongside the gorgeous Nicole). No need to be jealous of me by the way, you are the one living the dream right now my friend! xx

  2. I have but one word for you Samkins... PIFFLE!!


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