photography // david young

23 Jun 2013

Today's installment of All My Friends Are Talented features one David Young. Dave is a super talented photographer and recently took all the photos for Cloud Control's new album. Can't wait to see them! He's also worked on the Princess Diana film with Naomi Watts and had some fun stories to share about Naomi shouting all the crew drinks. What a lady!What else can I say really? I think I can just his photos do the talking, so I'm just going to leave Dave's pretty photos here for you to look at.


  1. Are these shot on film? My educated guess would be yes, but just checking anyhow. I really like the 5th last one - the cave looking one. Also, loving the new layout!

    1. I'm pretty sure they're all on film... The ones he took at Wilderness Festival (ie one of moi) were on film. Yesss thanks! I love love love this one. Clean and all of the text/photos align perfectly, which I couldn't get to work on my free theme. WOOHOO for themes!


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