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18 Oct 2011


I had zero plans for the weekend until M messaged and said she was going to the Cheese and Wine Festival. That sounds like my heaven on earth. I was in!

Macarons seem to be staples everywhere now. Just like cupcakes.



This was a cheesecake stall. Let's see if I can remember them: peanut butter, raspberry and white choc, pistachio, Daim (as in the delicious chocolate/caramel bar!!), banana and choc and triple choc. I think. I think...


We settled for green tea cheesecake but my friends weren't so keen, so I ended up polishing it off.

David and David from the Outsider Tart doing a baking demo of pound cake and pumpking cheesecake. And we got to sample - delicious!

Then we sat on the deck for an hour or so, hydrated with some juice and then cracked into the caramel vodka - oh my gawd it's amazing! We had it in espresso martinis later...

We toddled back to M's and L & I came over later and brought some delicious cold meats and crusty bread and I forced everyone to watch X Factor where we thoroughly enjoyed getting our judge on.


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