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6 Nov 2011

My last two days in Instagram photos

I'm addicted to Instagram of late! Here's my last two days in photos.

Christmasy time in Covent Garden

Dinner at Jon's: Duck with cherry red wine sauce, truffle salt mash, honeyed carrots, Parmesan broccoli, and Letizia's starter of prosciutto mozzarella & rocket crostini.

Walking through the cemetery to get to the tube.

A BBQ Squared pork roll from Banhmi, and a soy latte (with Bonsoy!) at Broadway Market. It was featured in the first episode of Jamie's Great Britain and I had to try it!

Caramelised red onion and some kind of cheese quiche from Artisan Foods (owned by German Deli) at Broadway Market. They're also at Covent Garden Food Market! I'm a big fan already. They make German cheesecake just like my Oma makes.

I'm about to move house and gave away a bunch of books that I'd managed to collect since the start of the year and gave them to a second hand bookshop, LXV Books. They gave me some credit and I went nuts buying some old books, like this one of NYT front pages. Wrapping paper and DIY stationery here I come!


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