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3 Jan 2012

So I guess I should talk about Christmas and New Years before I forget and before it seems like old news! Christmas Eve Eve was spent having a mini dinner before Craig left for Australia (see cheeseboard no 1 above).

I got a cat ice cube/jelly shot tray!

A bunch of us lined up early for the Christmas Carol Service at St Paul's. It was the first time I'd been inside and it was beautiful, as was the service. There's just something about choirs that gets me every time!

Then it was back to my home away from home in London (C&J's) to start prepping for Christmas lunch! This is Brussels Sproutin'.

C&J gave me a beautiful framed vintage Chanel print too!

The veggies I did - red cabbage, Brussels sprouts and Heston Blumenthal roast potatoes, and the Oreo truffles that Mrs Claus made. Yes, we had Mr and Mrs Claus as Christmas guests! They're a lovely couple from Arkensas.

C's pudding.

Cheeseboard no 2!

SJ & A came to visit for a couple of days and as they're vegan, we went to my favourite vegetarian/vegan place near my old house - The Gallery Cafe!

Giant onion.


My eggplant and goat's cheese roulade.

K's snowman.

We went out on New Years Eve Eve to Koko for Buttoned Down Disco's club night and they had lots of giant balloons!

And on actual New Years Eve I went to 2 parties and caught the bus home.

Hope everyone had a lovely festive season! I'm back to work tomorrow... back to reality!


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