commercial hotel

31 Mar 2011

Commercial Hotel, London

Commercial Hotel, London

Commercial Hotel, London

After I finished my final day of work at the fertility clinic, I met up with some friends on Oxford Street and we made our way to Commercial Hotel for some delicious crisp cider as the sun went down. I say the sun went down, but since daylight savings has just kicked in, the sky is still light at 7pm. Nuts.

hipster mermaid

30 Mar 2011

These are my favourite Hipster Mermaid tweets thus far. And for those who'd like to become a mermaid, check this article out.

brick lane markets

Brick Lane Markets, London

Brick Lane Markets, London

zero japan desktop teapot & madagascan vanilla T2

zerojapan desktop teapot

zerojapan desktop teapot & T2 madagascan vanilla

zerojapan desktop teapot

wedding // save the date

24 Mar 2011

Terryn and Jon Save the Date from Jon Button on Vimeo.

I just keep finding videos to blog about at the moment. This is a really cute "save the date" video for Terryn and Jon's wedding that I found on Green Wedding Shoes. It only goes for a minute, but I imagine it would have taken ages!

meet me at mikes // best competition ever

I realise my Mr Darcy love can be a little extreme, but this really is one of the best competitions I've ever seen. Although, really, come on ladies, who doesn't love Fitzwilliam Darcy aka Colin Firth 15 years ago minus botox.

Check out the rest of Pip's blog too - Meet Me At Mike's.

paley center for media // glee

23 Mar 2011

I love the Paley Center for Media. I want to work for the Paley Center for Media!

movies // limitless

22 Mar 2011

So Bradley Cooper. He's somewhat of a babe. I thoroughly enjoy watching movies he's in. So I'm quite intrigued by his new movie Limitless, but not for the aforementioned reason. I was on the tube a little while ago and noticed an advertisement.

The Clear Pill.

I instantly recognised Bradley Cooper and for a second I thought he was endorsing drugs until I remembered the trailer for Limitless. Then it all made sense and I was very impressed with the marketing campaign. It's layout and design is just like a real drug advertisement and the long list of side effects is laughable, but exactly what drug advertisements are like in the USA. Very very clever marketing strategy. People are talking about it, and the company who created the campaign are pleased with the buzz it's generating.

There's also a video advertisement for it...

Christmas Gingerbread

I'm struggling without the internet at my new home! It's still about 10 days away, so apologies for the lack of blogging and interesting stuff. After I've done some more nesting and Apartment Therapied my room, I'll post some photos of my new flat. In the meantime, enjoy one of my recently processed Lomo photos of our gingerbread Christmas tree baking efforts!

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