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12 Sep 2011

I went to London's Fashion Night Out last night and stood 5th in line (thanks to Letizia who actually waited, while I arrived late after a meeting) outside Alexander McQueen to get my AMcQ key to potentially win a tote bag (I didn't). Then we strolled to Chanel to wait for a manicure and it was taking way too long and we had a talk by amazing fashion illustrator David Downton to get to! I'm so glad Letizia took me, because he was an incredible, engaging speaker and his work is simply stunning.

My Alexander McQueen key... that didn't win me anything.

 Louis Vuitton. We didn't go in, but I liked the window display.


  1. I remember helping you choose the best of those Cate Blanchett Vogue covers, heh. David Downton's work is truly amazing.

    I went to the Paris FNO but we took so long at dinner that it was kind of winding down by the time we got there. So many obnoxious-looking youths there though, the type who would say something like "Oh my god I love Balenciaga!" but then have no idea who Nicolas Ghesquière is. (I'm basing that on absolutely no information whatsoever except how obnoxious some of those kids looked, haha.)

  2. I remember standing in that newsagency for a long time trying to decide! I hope I've still got it in my pile of magazines at home.

    I guess everyone loves in different ways. Not everyone researches as much. I didn't know who Alber was until you told me!

  3. Oh I don't mind people not caring about precise details and trivia, it just bugs me a little bit when people want to present themselves as very fashion-oriented and want to have a fashionista identity but don't have any interest past the overall label name, like someone will say "oh my gawd I love Balenciaga" but if you ask them "Oh, what do you like about it?" they wouldn't be able to answer the question, which is a shame. Haha I don't know, I probably just sound like a pretentious twat. I don't take the fashion world too seriously, I just think it's nice to be able to discuss the details rather than be the type of person who just hobbles around in platform stilettos hoping to be street-style photographed. (I'm so over-interpreting here, haha, I think I just invented elaborate back-stories in my head for all the obnoxious-looking youths at FNO.)


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