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15 Jan 2012

europe teaser
I don't often write down resolutions, but I'm only living in London until October and there's some things I definitely want to do!

Travel to: Prague, Spain, Croatia, and maybe Denmark, and NYC on my way home.
The first three are places I really want to go to and a friend suggested going to Copenhagen for the Queen's Jubilee long weekend (four days!) so I might just do that too...
Have you got any suggestions for other places I should visit?

Take more film photography
I've bought 3 film cameras since being in London and I'm yet to get any film developed for... well, any of them! Must must must increase film photography this year.

I've embarrassingly come to a stop in my list. It's not a very big list is it?


  1. What put Croatia on your radar? If you want any Croatia suggestions, my Croatian friend (well, Serbo-Croatian... but Australian... and who spent a lot of his childhood in Germany...) went to visit his family there back in October and did a lot of travelling across Croatia, B&H and Serbia, so he would have plenty of up-to-date recommendations if you're interested.

    I don't have any suggestions of places to go since I think you've already been pretty much everywhere I've been (except maybe elsewhere in Ireland than Dublin - Kilkenny, County Wicklow and the west coast were lovely!) but if I was in your position I would want to go to some Scandinavian countries and probably Iceland. But Prague, Spain, Croatia and Denmark will probably keep you more than busy over the next 9-10 months!

    Are you fitting in Paris again? And are you coming back via San Francisco after New York?

  2. My parents loved Croatia and everyone who's been says it's beautiful! And it's cheaper than the Greek Islands. Recommendations would be great! I kind of want to have a beachy holiday there.

    Hopefully go to Paris again, but not sure how I'll be cash wise - especially since my rent just went up. BOO. I think I'll be going back via LA and maybe San Diego if we want to go to the zoo.

  3. For a beachy Croatia experience, Dan recommends the town of Zaton near Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik itself is full of obnoxious tourists (often Australian ones, now that eastern Europe is the place of choice to have a cheap, alcohol-fuelled holiday rather than Thailand and Bali) but probably still worth a look judging by all the photos of his time there.


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