party // 25th birthday

27 Jan 2012

Sooo... it was my quarter century birthday last week and I threw myself a party in our living room. I'd spent months on a playlist picking the funnest, trashiest songs, so people would either say "oh YESSS this song!" or groan and say "oh nooo, this song". I thought I'd share my playlist since I got lots of compliments on it! Coolio's Gangster Paradise came on and all of a sudden the room was full of white guys rapping, Blink 182 turned everybody into headbangers and we all half-screamed along to Anastacia's I'm Outta Love. So much fun!

I received some cookbooks, a lovely Italian red bag which I'm sure will make an appearance on here at some point, and a whole bunch of friends bought me a 3 month photography course!! Jon was given the same one for his birthday so we get to do it together. I've been wanting to take one for ages, but just not got around to spending the money and booking myself into one. The decision has been made for me and I'm stoked! Thanks friends!

Some interpretive living room dancing at about 3am


  1. Happy birthday again lovely panda twin! It looks like you had such an amazing night (filled with 50% amazing tunes) and I'm glad to hear you were spoilt rotten, you deserve it. Can't wait to see you later this year! xx

  2. AWESOMEST PLAYLIST EVER. Happy happy birthday!

  3. Sam - only 50% amazing tunes?! I'm so excited to see yooooouuuu!

    Kirsten - Schpanks! Feel free to steal it and have a rad party of your own!


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