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5 Feb 2012

I love a good infographic and wish I could design them myself! According to this one... I am definitely a geek, but I love Lord of the Rings.

Geeks vs Nerds


  1. OK I lol'd at the binary nerd joke. The Linux joke only makes sense if it's the year 1994, though...

    Also - 59% of self-identifying geeks think geeks are extremely intelligent? How conveniently flattering for them! ;)

    I'm going to have to be some sort of mix of geek and nerd. Gerd? That'll do. I think the attempt at a dichotomy is kind of useless, though, e.g. I know plenty of nerds who are socially adept (a girl in my lab can explain how to use a mathematical algorithm to solve a Rubik's cube, but she is also incredibly fun and easy to talk to and very social) and I know plenty of geeks who are socially inept (e.g. a guy in my lab who has no awareness of how much he pisses everyone in the lab off by constantly seeking praise and being sickeningly ingratiating whilst simultaneously cultivating an air of superiority over the rest of us despite having the least research experience of anyone in the lab - and he wastes his work time doing shitty business logos and website layouts on his Macbook Pro when he should be doing lab work).

    Also, "I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code" is listed in the first source as a "geek" joke. In fact, I think all the jokes in the infographic are "geek" jokes at the source that it credits - whoever made the infographic just personally decided which ones they wanted to redefine as nerd jokes.

    Also also, that "self identified geek vs non-geek" graph - the original graph at the source has some weird errors in it (rounding errors maybe?). But it says N=1000, so 1000 people were asked the question "do you consider yourself a geek?". Then the percentages for each bar in the graph add up to 101%. Is there 10 people's worth of data extra in the graph? Given they seem to be rounding heavily so that there are no decimal places for the percentages they report (with 1000 participants, that means an error margin of +/- 10 people), they seem to be needlessly losing a fair bit of information - not a good idea if you want to do this sort of thing properly!

    Also also also, according to the very website that hosts this infographic, Pi, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek are all "geek" movies, even going so far to call them "geek canon", which makes the "(and some geeks too!)" caveat on the infographic a bit of an understatement.

    So....... is it a nerd trait to over-analyse data and information? :P

  2. Hahahahahaha, this is for a big part so true! Or, maybe I'm not a geek at all as I don't meet all the 'requirements'. Oh, this is brilliant!!

  3. I would have thought that geeks would have been more socially inept, but hey, I just love an infographic! Haha yeah, I would have thought that a nerd would over analyse... ;)

    Louise - I think everyone would be a bit of both! :)

  4. And maybe I fail as a geek according to that movie list. I've only seen 16 of them. 17 if you really count the Star Wars movies twice.


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