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5 Apr 2012

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Last Sunday I went egg hunting around London. We split up into two groups and had the challenge of finding about 100 eggs. Yes. That's a lot of eggs. We walked for about 4 hours before we stopped, but it was all around Sloane Square and Knightsbridge (so I just pretended I was in Made in Chelsea) before walking to Oxford Circus and Covent Garden for lunch at Byron for burgers. I had onion rings and now I'm paying for it with a skin break out. It always happens after onion rings!

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1 // I didn't actually see this one since it was found by Jon's team, but he sent me a photo because he knows how much I flipping love pandas.
2 // Polar bear in the National Geographic store.
3 // In Tommy Hilfiger. Everyone likes a bow.
4 // Slight detour to Selfridges and the Louboutin window displays... but there were eggs in Selfridges.
5 // My favourite egg in Selfridges.
6 // The big map on the wall

photo 5 photo 3
photo 2 photo 1
photo 5 photo 4
photo 1 photo 2

7 // The elusive Selfridges egg tucked away in the lingerie section.
8 // The suspension egg
9 // Around Oxford Circus
10 // Outside Liberty London
11 // Covent Garden
12 // All 210 eggs are now on display in Covent Garden but some of them were moved early.
13 // I love this little guy but the reflection made it hard to take a good photo.
14 // Here's Craig and Jon, who between them found all 210 eggs! We thought this was the last egg, outside the Cambridge Theatre where Matilda the musical is on, but then the boys went to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green and found the Where's Wally egg. Then they really had found all of them!


  1. Loved seeing these on your instagram feed! Such an awesome idea.

  2. I felt like I was going a bit nuts with the photos, but I felt I had to document the massive trek! London does it annually - last year it was elephants.

  3. Aw that's so cool! I want a giant panda egg please.

  4. This is all kinds of awesome - I'm super jealous. Although I bet your legs were probably killing you after.

  5. Oh you're so very right. My thighs were killing me the next day!


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