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19 Jun 2012

I've had a longtime girl-blog-crush on Katrina over at Pugly Pixel and her tutorials and freebies have given me and my Photoshop great joy over the last couple of years. We've vaguely chatted a bit before and I've just seen that she's included my travel blog, universal traveller, in her latest Links Loved. Thanks so much Katrina!

I spoke to my parents a few days ago, and my dad had a go at me because I haven't uploaded any of my photos from Spain yet. "I checked Facebook, I checked fourzerofive, but I couldn't see any, anywhere!" They're coming Dad. I promise!


  1. Haha she linked to my blog in the same post, which she got to via your blog. I was wondering where that spike in traffic was coming from. ;)

  2. I actually emailed it to her because she did a similar post about the impulse buying thanks to being influenced by the internet!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous and it was my pleasure to include your travel blog in my links list!

    And hey, thanks for introducing me to Jess' blog. :D

  4. Ah, I see! And ah, impulse purchasing because of the internet - I think I've gotten that particular monkey off my back, although I would buy a lot less in general if, you know, I just didn't go on the freaking internet and look at online retailers. Stupid sales on the internet with your siren call of reduced prices on nice things I can't buy in Brisbane or Australia in general!

    Now I'm getting a lot of hits from a members-only Burning Man forum, which is unnerving because god knows why they're linking to me but my blog is probably an example of something awful from their point of view, haha.


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