you look like a sauna and you smell like one too

3 May 2013

I do love a collaboration and I really really love Aesop! When an invite to the launch of their collaboration with Marimekko landed in my inbox, I went "Yep! Sign me up!" They've created the Sauna Duet, which is:
Body scrub and body balm inspired by the rituals of Scandinavian bathing culture.
The Aesop-Marimekko Sauna Duet comprises a body scrub and body balm containing richly aromatic essential oils of Fir Needle, Sage Leaf and Pine Needle, and purifying ingredients to help detoxify the skin.
These distinctive products are packaged in recyclable plastic jars and offered in a dedicated cotton bag featuring Marimekko’s ‘Vellamo’ print.
I love me a body scrub and my Body Shop scrub is about to run out, so this is going on my list! It might sound a little strange but the balm actually smells like a sauna - that specific woodsy, piney smell. My friend and I couldn't stop smelling our hands once it was on. That probably sounds weirder than it actually was...


01 // Trying out the Sauna Duet.
02 // Fabric, fabric, fabric!
03 // Tasty (and locally produced!) Golden Axe apple cider. Nom nom.
04 // The goodie bag of a Marimekko purse and my fave Aesop Parsley Seed cleanser, plus some other goodies I haven't tried before.


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